My Story

Several years ago, after many failed first dates, I met my husband on Match.com! I saw that he was a widower but assumed it was just like    dating a divorced man.  I quickly found myself dealing with family members still grieving, friends that couldn't accept a new woman, kids struggling with losing a parent and quickly feeling like a replacement.  I tried so hard to act like life was normal but it was far from it.  I sought traditional therapy to bring voice to my feelings but was reluctant to really say out loud what I felt in my heart.  I was so afraid of being judged and found heartless.  I was ashamed of my feelings.  I was desperate one night and googled 'women who love widowers' and soon found a large underground community.  These women thought like me, felt uncomfortable for the same reasons and simply 'got it'.  One day it literally dawned on me that all we needed was to apply what I taught every day at work to our relationship and we could be at peace!


I am thrilled that you stopped by and my greatest hope is that I can make a difference one woman at a time!

Meet the Coach

Colleen has 30+ years of experience as a behavior coach for professionals and executives.  She has mentored hundreds of men and women in leadership, communications, goal achievement and human relations.  Colleen has begun professional groups for women entrepreneurs and executives to foster learning in ways designed for them.   She has a direct communication style coupled with a sense of humor.  She possess keen insights and truly gets to the driver behind why we feel what we feel and why we do what we do.  Colleen is a native New Yorker and resides with her husband, 3 dogs and blended family of 4!

Colleen S

Perfectly Imperfect Coach

Next Steps...

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