Did I Mention Mom?

I remember meeting my MIL and FIL. #13 and I went to the beach. I was a wreck. Covered in salt water and sand and sun. We left the beach and started home….or so I thought.  We ended up at a house and he announced it was “moms”. Omg! I was a mess and meeting Mom?????  I needed my hair done, makeup and the sand out of the crack of my ass please.  He knocked. No answer. We walked in.  Isnt this all too soon?

A cute house…beachy. He yelled hello and there was silence.  He started showing me around. I noticed time after time a picture of the same woman everywhere.  Who is she???  Now the picture of #13 and the woman smiling at their wedding.  I was itchy. I was sweating. I was so god awful freaking uncomfortable     She must have been very close with LW.

Back in the car, just one more place….oh a party!  There they are.., GULP
Breathe mrs C. Breathe breathe breathe.   Mil didn’t t even so much as glance at me. Hello and back to her friends. Her husband though, well he kept staring and watching me.  I was visibly uncomfortable. Why wouldn’t this man stop looking at me?  What does he care who #13 is with?  We left……I still felt something wasn’t right but what?

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