He Really Did Email

True to his word (always as I would learn)….here he was in my ‘inbox’
can we meet for a drink? How about this place?  Wow….its only a few blocks from my home….we are close…

so yes….a drink at the neighborhood Pub….I arrived early to get a half glass of wine into me before his arrival.  Calm the nerves….so….who will show up?  Lets see…I had one man using his son’s picture.  A very old man showed up instead of the 40 yr old I thought that I was talking to for a few days.  Another man was quite adorable however started pounding vodka…5 in 20 minutes to be exact.  He admitted alcoholism…..there was the man who insisted upon meeting me immediately after work.  I explained 100 times that I would be in full corporate attire.  He stared at me and said he had no idea that I would show up in a suit looking like a news anchor.  He also asked if I was going to pay for my own wine.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good times!

The door opened and in walked the picture from Match.  He was BIG….now I’m 5’1 so in all fairness anyone is big to me but here was 6’4″, muscle from head to toe and just gorgeous.  Blonde hair and blue eyes.  A deep deep booming voice that at the time scared me but now melts me.  He recognized me immediately and we settled in for a chat.  I noticed that he kept staring past me.  I found it odd but could tell he was clearly preoccupied elsewhere.  He told me the story of his wife’s death.  Sudden.  No warning and no sickness.  She sounded incredible.  Triathlete, horse rider, yoga instructor.  I started holding in my gut…..she went for a run one day when the aneurysm hit.  She passed a few days later.  Two boys left behind…one starting 7th and one starting 9th. Well there was rule number one out the window.  I always said no kids unless grown like my own.  She had been gone just a year and he had already had a relationship.  Was it too quick?  Who am I to judge…and what the hell is he starting at behind me?  I finally turned….and there was a woman, dressed clearly to find trouble and she was glaring at me.  I looked at him and he said “that’s my last girlfriend…she’s nuts” Well there you go…..he’s cute, successful but drama follows him.  We chatted a bit more.  His birthday had just passed.  I said wow mine too!  He said when and I gave the date….yes its also his late wife’s birthday.  Small world.

The staring continued and it was time for the proverbial “exit stage left”.  I said my goodbye and he insisted on seeing me to my car.  Now I’m in a dark lot with a giant male stranger who’s ex girlfriend is a mere few feet away.  She wants to kill someone and I’m probably a good target….I rushed into my car.  He asked to see me again.  I said ok

First impressions: gorgeous, quite fit but not very talkative  I guess quite preoccupied staring at her

He called and asked to go to dinner.  I figured one more chance.  We had a nice meal and he talked a bit more.  The Barry White voice was growing on me.  Again, we parted ways.  Just a small kiss

Either I invited him or he invited me to a wine bar.  That’s the night I knew he’d be more than just #13

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