Lucky 13

before long we were together most nights. We didn’t do the “meet the kids” for a few weeks. It was a glorious few weeks of dinners, beach days,  talking and being together.  He told stories of his kids and I of mine.  Finally one night he stopped over and both of mine were home. They genuinely seemed to like him and more importantly, they liked my smile!
I invited him for dinner one Saturday afternoon and he asked if he could bring his oldest. I was nervous but excited.
They arrived and he introduced me to his son. I didn’t hear a hello or nice to meet you. He just walked past me. I found that  odd and even stranger that #13 didn’t nudge some manners
We sat for dinner and I tried to make small talk. I got a couple of grunts but no conversation. He ate and got up with his fork. He walked outside and began to stab a stump in my yard. He came back in and handed me my fork now destroyed. #13 talked more.  Next he turned on the tv and turned the volume up as high as it went.  #13 let it go for a few before yelling. I was confused and shocked
They left and I was invited over for a hot tub and wine ….
I don’t remember the scene of meeting his youngest. I recall it was ny first time in the house. I remember a fridge covered In pictures of a pretty woman. I remember wondering if that was lw. I remember politeness and helping with homework. Night and day.  #13 never appeared aware that something was amiss. I was afraid to stare at the fridge but curious

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