Our Own Worst Enemy

I learn more and more about the power of our mind with the more reading and research that I do.  Our mind can be our best friend or (please insert title of post).  Why do seemingly accomplished and confident women (and lets be honest….men) allow our very own brains to play tricks on us?  Why do we get so enraged over a simple comment or look or lack of response? Why do we attack people? Threaten them and behave like schoolyard bullies?  I am not sure quite honestly.  I always suspected that we react strongly (albeit in a bad manners at times) to things which touch us deeply.  That old adage of “doth protests too much”.

We certainly cant control the behavior and thoughts of others.  We can only control ourselves.  I urge everyone to honor the intention of your heart.  Karma takes care of the rest.  I saw a cartoon of Budha today with the caption “let that shit go” and how true it is!

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