Individual Session

One 50 minute phone session for quick discussion and guidance on a specific urgent issue.  $150

Series Coaching

Series packages are encouraged! We work on specific skills and understandings that can be applied to an array of circumstances.  All package plans include unlimited text support.

3 month series consisting of 8 individual phone sessions scheduled however you like! $975

6 month series consisting of 14 individual phone session scheduled however you like! $1,800





Specials & Offers

One Free 30 minute consultation!

Holiday Special-   4 session package.   This package expires 60 days from date of purchase and does not include text support.  $495

Group Series- 4 week programs offered on specific topics.  Learn at your own pace through recorded webinars.  $495

What Women Are Saying

I felt better after just 15 minutes on the phone! Colleen lives the life and understands how I feel!  J.L. NY, NY

Colleen has been my professional mentor for over ten years.  She is high;y regarded as an executive and helped me avoid career mistakes.  Bounce it off her and she will set you straight!  J. D.  Pomona, NY

Finally a safe place to say what's in my heart!  Thank You!!!  M.M.  Cleveland, Ohio

Colleen helped with communication tips and how to let hubby know how I feel in a perfect way!  P.B.  Dallas, TX

Not only did I learn how to handle my emotions but we also worked on my goal of weight loss!  WOW! Luv Ya!!!  S.H. Newark, NJ


Next Steps...

The first step is always the hardest.  Reach out today! It's time to bring voice to your emotions!